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About the Artist

Sean Smith lives in the United States in Marysville Pennsylvania, where he owns and operates Custom Oriental Wood-craft.
With a passion for bonsai and suiseki for over 20 years, and an extensive background in carpentry, Sean took the two, put them together and started his own business in 1994. He makes bonsai display tables, and carves daiza for renowned bonsai and suiseki enthusiasts all over the world.

He has lectured on suiseki as well as bonsai in the United States and Europe, and is internationally known for his skills in bonsai and suiseki. Sean has won numerous suiseki and bonsai awards.

In 2001, Mr. Arishige Matsuura, President of the Japanese Suiseki Association, proclaimed Sean the number one daiza carver outside of the Japan.

In 2003, Sean was the first American to exhibit an American suiseki in the Japanese National Suiseki show at the Meji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.

In 2004, Sean was asked by Senji Morimae to come to Japan to study Bonsai and suiseki at his nursery outside of Tokyo a few weeks a year, and continues to do so every year.
In 2005, he was invited to study Zen in Daitokuji-in, at the sub temple of Hoshyu-in in Kyoto, Japan, Sean also studied daiza carving in Hamamatsu Japan, with Japan’s leading daiza carver, Mr. Koji Suzuki. Sean was his first and only student.

Sean is also a contributing editor of the North American Viewing Stone Society, and the International Stone Appreciation Society and a member of the Nippon Suiseki Association, European Suiseki, and the past president of the Susquehanna Bonsai Club in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is also a director of the National Bonsai Federation in Washington DC.

Many people have taught Sean the art of suiseki, and he is still learning and will be to the end, below are the 7 most people that have influenced him in the art of suiseki and display .



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